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Stove Maintenance Guide

When your stove is not going to be in use for some time it is a good idea to service it. Essential maintenance is best carried out in the summer so that your stove is ready to run efficiently when the colder weather comes. A good clean and some tlc will make sure that the stove burns better and cleaner. If you introduce a regular maintenance system, it will help to extend the life of your stove and make sure it looks good and performs effectively. A qualified installer can carry out this type of work, but you can do some of it yourself by following this simple guide:

Sweep your chimney.

We recommend sweeping your chimney annually, spring or summer is the perfect time whilst your stove is not in use. Your sweep will inspect your liner and fitting points to make sure that they are not worn. They will also make sure that your flue pipes or chimney are clear and safe ready to light your stove. Most of the stoves we stock can be swept from the inside, or if not, your installer should have made sure that an access point was incorporated into the system.

To find your local registered sweep, see below.

Cleaning the stove.

You can give the exterior of your stove a clean using a lint-free cloth, or a clean shoe brush to wipe away any unwanted soot or dust. (Do not use water or a damp cloth to clean your stove).

The internal parts of your stove need to be cleaned as well. The firebox needs to be cleaned and any soot or ash vacuumed away. Small wire brushes are useful for the hard to reach areas. You may wish to remove your baffle plates to clean the roof of your stove. For most stoves this is a simple process, but we would recommend taking a photo of the inside of your stove before removing anything. This will help when you are ready to replace the baffles.

If you are burning dry fuel and not trying to slumber your stove, your glass should stay nice and clean. However, if it has become dirty, you can use a damp cloth dipped in wood ash to clean the glass. Stove glass cleaners are also available which also work well.

Spring and Summer.

Whilst your stove is out of use for a prolonged period in the spring and summer, make sure that you leave the air inlets open and allow air to circulate through the stove and chimney. This will prevent damp and rust forming in your stove. Some people like to remove the baffle plates and store them separately during periods without use. But remember to photograph how they are fitted, prior to removal.


After cleaning your stove, you may decide that it needs repainting. Stove spray paint is simple and easy to use. Ensure you mask off adjacent areas and door glass before you spray in a well-ventilated area. Light thin coats are best. After painting, leave the appliance for up to eight hours to fully dry, then burn a slow and steady fire which will cure the paint. Whilst this is happening you will notice some smoke, which is harmless, but you may wish to ensure that windows are open.

We stock heat resistant spray paint which is ideal for painting your stove.

Internal components

Whilst you are cleaning your stove, it is the ideal opportunity to check your stove components. Make sure the door rope maintains a tight seal and lubricate any sliders with a grease lubricant. Ensure your riddling grate moves freely and check grate bars for damage. It is useful to check your glass for cracks, and to make sure all the clips and seals are intact. Also check the stove liners or bricks for any signs of cracking or crumbling.

We stock several different diameters of soft door rope, together with glue, fire cement and polishes.

We are also able to source any spare parts you may need for any of the stove manufacturers we stock. Morso, Burley, Hunter and Arada ( including Arada, Aarrow, Villager and SDtratford branded stoves).

If you are unable to identify your stove model, please arrange to email a picture with some rough dimension over to us, we can refer it to the manufacturer to make sure that the spares we obtain are the correct ones.


Chimney sweeps are registered by HETAS. To find your local one just click on this link and put in your postcode.


Some of our manufacturers have there own You Tube channels, which include videos on how to light, operate and maintain your stoves. These are particular to their products, but offer good general advice as well. They are;

Arada Stoves


Hunter Stoves



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